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Monday, September 19, 2005


The NY Times has an excellent roundup on what it calls art-metal. Naturally, such a broad term will encompass another of disparate styles, from the avant-doom rumblings of Khanate to the robo-shred of Orthrelm, but every band mentioned in the article is worth your time and money.

A band not mentioned, but easily fitting into the "art-metal" mix, is Italian prog-metallers Ephel Duath, who have a new one coming out October 17th. Should be excellent.


In other news, for those who don't read the other blog, my hard drive died (or something), so I lost all of the free 50 downloads from eMusic. Consequently, no write-ups are coming. I will say that my favorite track out of the fifty is easily the Church of Misery track. So go find that.

Also: tomorrow night is the FME show at The Black Cat. I will be in attendance. That will get a write-up ASAP.