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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Picked up a couple of new discs on the way home today. I wasn't even planned; I was actually past the store when I randomly remembered that one of them was just released. Ha ha...pointless information.

The newest additions to the music liberry:

The Electric Wizard We Live (2004)
Comets on Fire Blue Cathedral (2004)

I'm listening to The Electric Wizard right now, and upon first impression, this is a really great disc. The production could be a bit better, but I'm not going to quibble with it. The addition of second guitarist Liz Buckingham isn't giving it the "bigger" sound I expected. But I don't really have it up loud, so I could be missing something. Going to have to give it a few whirls with headphones.

I also listened to a couple of tracks from the Comets on Fire and dig it. It's got that heavy acid chaos rock thing going on. I had read a review or two that invoked High Rise, which piqued my interest. I can't say whether or not the comparison is apt, but even if not, I like what I've heard so far. Something tells me that the expectations of something High Rise-esque is probably unreasonable, but there's nothing wrong with some good ol' effects pedal damage.

Will deliver some more fleshed out verdicts soon.

Also: this Friday, I will be attending the Mike Watt show at The Black Cat with JW, who will be making a return engagement this weekend. Should be a good time. And, if the finances are looking decent, I may even go see Ministry on Monday.