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Thursday, October 07, 2004

So, Carl O. and I went to the Black Keys show last night. The Keys put on one helluva live performance, enhanced by the weak showing of opening band The Cuts, who weren't bad so much as they were bland. The Keys, on the other hand, were anything but, turning in quite a lively set for a duo. Many bands with twice the members don't rock that hard. The only drawback was that it was a bit of a short show (just over an hour). Still, a good time that even the Williamsburg-esque crowd of ham and eggers couldn't ruin with their hipsterism. Dan (the guitarist) is a pretty good guitarist, playing some of the dirtiest licks in indiedom since Now I Got Worry, while Patrick (the drummer, duh) hits the skins with the power of an Ernie Shavers left cross, yet as swift and on point as a Sugar Ray Leonard jab. (Where the fuck did that awful boxing analogy come from?) They said that they only have two more shows left, so if you're in one of the cities in which they will be playing, check them out. It's worth your money, wanker.