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Saturday, August 07, 2004

I finally broke down and went on something of a mini-music binge. I think my lack of buying new music may be a factor in the white noise static that has been this blog for the past few months.

Anyway, I bought (well, ordered) four cds. They are:

Jason Forrest: The Unrelenting Songs of the 1979 Post Disco Crash (Sonig, 2004)
Brute Force: Brute Force (reissue on Sepia Tone, 2004)
DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist: Brainfreeze (Sixty7, 1999)
Daddy Dog/J-Smoke: Saturday Night Special 2"

I'm looking forward to the DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist and Jason Forrest discs the most. The Daddy Dog and J-Smoke is interesting; most of that stuff I wouldn't listen to, but because of the parties mixing it up, I am willing to snatch this up. And I admit, the reason I even know about the Brute Force disc was due to looking up stuff on Sonny Sharrock. But, despite his (relatively) limited role on the album, I have read enough reviews of the disc that it still seems like a worthwhile pickup.