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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Finally...bought some new music. Well, I've ordered some new music, from Wayside. My incoming trio of discs:

Larval Obedience (Cuneiform, 2003)
Gary Smith/Hugh Hopper/Shoji Hano Glass Cage (Paratactile, 2001)
Gary Smith/Nanjo Asahito/Shoji Hano (Chronoscope, 2000)

I'm really looking forward to hearing the two Gary Smith records. The reviews/descriptions I've read make them sound like something I could be playing non-stop. Maybe not on the order of High Rise (in which Hano and Asahito also play), as I'm not sure how Gary Smith stacks up with Munehiro Narita, but it sounds like it could be appropriately mind-flaying.