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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Dang. I missed The Blues Explosion, but worse, I missed Lamb of God with Children of Bodom. The reason for missing them (friends in town) was totally worth it, but I still would have liked to make both.

I'm stuck in the middle of electronic week of my music library re-exploration. It's going slowly for a couple of reasons. First, I've been working late a lot and when I get home, I just veg out on the PS2. Now, if I'm playing ESPN NFL 2K5, the music is not a problem. However, if I'm playing GTA: San Andreas, as I have been the last couple of weeks, then it's a major problem, as I can't bring myself to listen to anything but the music in the game, which is pretty kickass.

Classical music week, which predated my immersion into GTA: SA, was grand. I really love all of the classical music I own, and want some more. I think Berlioz' Symphonie Fantastique is my favorite, though Pathetique is right up there. Yeah, I have pretty obvious classical tastes. I never claimed to be anything but a novice when it comes to the genre.

I can say that electronic week has brought to the fore a few albums I really haven't paid much attention to: Towa Tei's Future Listening!, The Third Eye Foundation's Ghost, and Animals on Wheels Nuvol I Cadira. Quality, all, and I need more in my collection like it.

Also: the new album from The Electric Wizard destroys. "Saturn's Children" is one of my favorite songs this year.