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Friday, February 25, 2005

Last night was day one (of two) of the Teenbeat 20th Anniversary showcase. I wound up at this event solo, because there was some miscommunication between ES and the person she asked to buy tickets. The result: only one ticket per night, instead of two. And then the event sold out. So, ES graciously let me have the tickets. Anyway, it was a good time. The Fontaine Toups, +/-, and Eggs were good, while Unrest was great. I'm glad I had a chance to see them live. They even played my (and many others in the crowd, judging by the response) favorite song. Plus, I seriously got my drink on. (Thank you, Patrick!)

I will say, except for +/-, Eggs, and Unrest, a lot of the music last night sounded really anemic. Just plink-plink-plink pop, which is not entirely unpleasant, but it makes the music sound really static. I'm not sure I would be into the music as much as I was if I were just discovering it now. I wondered why they put Unrest, the flagship band of the label, on the first night, instead of headlining the whole thing. To tell you the truth, though, if they did that, I don't think anybody would have come out for the first night. As unfair as it probably is to the other artists, I think most of the people there last night were primarily there for Unrest.

Tonight should prove to be a bit more rockin' with Versus and Tuscadero on the bill.