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Monday, October 09, 2006

DC Rocks

Sparked by CO's heads up about The Black Keys, here are some show that should be worth checking out.

9:30 Club
10/28 (late show) - Jedi Mind Tricks, RA The Rugged Man, and Outerspace
11/7 - Broken Social Scene, Do Make Say Think (more for DMST than the headliner)
11/12 - Cut Chemist, Lyrics Born

Black Cat
10/19 - The Melvins, Big Business, Joe Lally (I'm going to try make this show. Seriously. Shut up!)
10/24 - Mojave 3, Tim O'Reagan (I don't know anything about O'Reagan, but I love Mojave 3.)
10/30 - Apples In Stereo, Archie Bronson Outfit, Benjy Ferree (Everybody needs a little Apples in their collection.)
12/18 - Mr. Lif, The Coup

The Rock N Roll Hotel
10/26 - DJ Spooky, The Gray Kid, Person
10/30 - MC CHRIS, The Gaskets (MC Pee Pants in the house!)
10/31 - Kayo Dot, Grails, Wooden Wand, Kohoutek, Piasa (Kayo Dot and Grails are awesome. Dare I say, must see?)
11/15 - LA Guns, The Bullet Boys (Kidding about this; though, I bet this would be one helluva fun show. Hmmmm...)
11/17 - The Hidden Hand, Pearls and Brass

So, save your money and go get some live music action!