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Sunday, August 14, 2005

I'm A Downloader Now!

Thanks to CO, I am now testing the waters of eMusic. I must say, I have not been terribly successful with my searches. Even well known bands (The Ohio Players, for instance) that I look for only have partial discographies listed. I understand it comes down to the deals they have with certain labels, but still. It's doing me no good here!

I should be able to at least get 50 downloads out of this. After that, we'll see if I stay. I know I'll have to start having much better success than I am having now to convince that it's worth it.

Not that I'm ungrateful. Thank you, Mr. O.

In other news: in order to get me writing a bit more in this spot, I think I'm going to start posting MP3s here on occasion. (Yes, I'm just asking for trouble, I know.) I've recently downloaded Audio Grabber and it seems to be working well. Anyway, the idea would be to post a song that I think you people should hear and tell you why. Fun!