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Friday, April 15, 2005

A few things:

I caught part of the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony a couple of weekends ago. When Mean Gene Okerland came out, they played his cover of "Tutti Frutti" as his entrance music. I had completely forgotten how sublimely ridiculous Mean Gene's singing style is. Bravo!

On the other end of the spectrum: this is now on the radar. I've seen the Staalplaat label name a number of times, but had never heard of this. I came across this while jumping around The Wire. Sound art! I remember a while back hearing Mercury Rev's "Chasing A Bee" for the first time and thinking that the wild shrieks of feedback toward the end sounded a bit like an overamplified vacuum. Consequently, I could see some of this stuff being very interesting.

If you missed it, the City Paper had reviews for a couple of Rune Grammofon albums this week. I can't vouch for the discs personally, but I certainly think they should be worth checking out if they are of the same quality as the RG stuff I have heard (Supersilent's 6 and Scorch Trio's Luggumt).