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Thursday, September 04, 2003

So, I'm reading the City Paper's review of the new Constantines album, and not so surprisingly, they did not once invoke the F word, which I have seen turn up in many reviews of the Constantines music. The F word, of course, is Fugazi, D.C. institution and one of the most vital bands in the world (and have been for quite some time now). I've gotta believe that the omission was intentional, as whoever wrote the review (can't...reach....paper) probably did not a) want to give people unrealistic expectations of the band or b) want someone from Fugazi to read the article and become appalled by another writer's reviewing shortcomings. Kinda like the time I read (I forget where...I think it was Alternative Press many moons ago, though, I want to say that it was actually Rolling Stone...eek!) where David Yow of the Jesus Lizard said that someone gave him a tape, telling him they sounded like the Lizard. Naturally, the band sucked and Yow was offended. I wonder how many times that's happened to people in bands.

Anyway, the review, instead, used Spoon as major point of reference for the Constantines. Honestly, I've not heard the new album myself, so I couldn't tell you if either one is accurate or not. Still, thought it was funny that the local rag is the one that doesn't invoke Fugazi in a review of the band/record.

Also: Mogwai coming next week. This might be a must see show.