Uncommon music criticized by the common man. (Or, exercises in futility masquerading as critical thought.)

Friday, August 29, 2003

This is utterly asinine. This is less credible than the BCS rankings in college football. There are so many places to begin lambasting this that it's not even worth it. Especially since it's just another list; lists are just filler when a publication or network has nothing better to do with their time, much less have the creativity to come up with something better. (See also: VH1)

For the record, the biggest criticisms of the list:

It's rock-centric. (Where's the jazz?)
It's America-centric (mostly).
There seems to be no criteria at all for rating these players. (Or else, Jack White never would have made a list like this.)
It's too focused on modern players. (See above.)

Craziness. But remember, it's only a list, probably selected by a thousand monkeys with a thousand typewriters.