Uncommon music criticized by the common man. (Or, exercises in futility masquerading as critical thought.)

Monday, August 11, 2003

This is the inaugural post for my new blog. Since my other blog became too bloated with my own psychopathy, I decided to give this new little feature a blog of its own.

The new feature you ask? Daily (well...at least regular...hopefully) reviews of albums that are currently in my music collection, irrespective of date of release, quality, or relevance.

Why am I doing this? Two reasons: 1) Because I can. 2) I'd like to use this as a way to improve my writing/critical skills, so that I, too, may one day join the ranks of the David Frickes and Ryan Schreibers of the world. (Don't worry, I'm laughing, too.)

Besides, if the success of that other blog is any indication, this blog could be bigger than curly fries!

More later...