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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Quick Hits:

  • I have been listening to the first single from Prince's upcoming album, 3121 a whole helluva lot. It is, how you say, a hot track. If the rest of the album is even close to being this good, I will gladly spend my hard-earned ducats on it.
  • I've hit a lull in terms of ripping music onto my iPod. Still tons more I want to add, as I've concentrated on getting music I haven't touched in a while into the device. I figure this is a great way to reconnect with artists with whom I've fallen out of touch, or mostly ignored. Some major artists, in terms of their representation in my collection, have yet to be loaded (Sonic Youth and Stereolab, most notably). I also have very little jazz loaded.
  • One band to whom I am paying particular attention is Mudhoney, who were my favorite band in the world for a few years before falling by the wayside as I got into different stuff. I think I need to get their two most recent releases (2002's Since We've Become Translucent and Under A Billion Suns, which was released today) and get up to date.
  • I think I'm going to make myself buy music more regularly this year. Instead of six or seven at a time, maybe one every week or two.
  • As iTunes shuffles to them, I must say this: Lush really were a great band. Seriously. Everything through Split was unimpeachable.

I'm kinda thinking that I might be rounding the bend on this lack of writing thing. No promises, just feel better about it.